Stitches From The Soul - Sistahs

Stitches From The Soul History

Out of one single request from a lady desirous of learning to quilt, (Carolyn Robinson) the art of quilting came to Third Baptist Church.  Lauretta Russell, gifted with the knowledge of quilting, agreed to teach a class  Gaining permission from the pastor, the word went out that a class would be taking place at the church.  Pastor Kevin Bedford suggested a church quilt as a possible project.  As the word went out, many began to sign up for the class.  Beginning October 2006 and ending October 2008 for once a month, the participants were taught the art of quilting.  They tooked one quilt  block inwhich they learn several quilting techniques, applied what they had learned to design their own personal quilts which were ready for the 140th church anniversary.   Hanging from the balcony in the church's sanctuary, observers were in awe as they gazed upon these signature quilts during the church's anniversary week.  Proud of their accomplishments, the once novice quilters wanted to continue the classes.  Others voiced their intest in learning to quilt and today they continue as "The Stitches From The Soul - Sistahs Quilt Guild."