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I started quilting very young. My mother use to make quilts for the family and  she had an old sewing machine that she would sew on and just run the pieces off one piece after another and just load the floor up and have us (seven) girls cut the squares apart.  In 1982, the sewing club that I was a member of, expressed a different sewing project for that year and choose to make quilts.  At that time there were no rotary cutting tools or cutting mats that we were aware of, so we made  templates out of whatever  we could that would hold up under markings and cuttings.  That was a long process and a long time ago.  I stuck with it and tough research and purchasing what I could to make the job easier, today I am still quilting.  I have made numberous quilts and quilting projects, taught the children at church quilting tecniques and do demo for the quilt guild today.

If my mom was here today she would love using todays advanced tools for quilting.  You may go to  and see one of her quilting projects she had me finish after her death.

Through the years of quilting I have found my  work very improved.  So much that it has inspired others to want to learn the craft. 

Thanks for the visit and please enjoy the rest of the site. 

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